Monday, October 14, 2013

Pre-School bound

We attended our very first School Registration.  A very exciting morning for a certain 3 1/2 year old and a bittersweet day for a certain set of parents!  I am so happy he gets to go to school.  I know he will thrive there.  He is beyond ecstatic to make friends, a side-affect of having a SAHM I suppose.  My largest concerns are with him riding the bus home and how is little sister is going to handle the change. 

We decided it would be best to do our back to school shopping without two kids along for the ride.  So Uncle Cole came to babysit and Daddy & I headed out to shop!  We normally buy Ben new clothes in the fall since he gets most of his clothing for Christmas and his birthday, just days after Christmas.  So we had to stock up on socks, undies (a new one!) shirts, pants and shoes.  I can honestly say I like clothes shopping for both my kids.  Although girl stuff is more abundant, there are some really cute boys clothes still! 

Finding a backpack was our area of issue.  There were hardly any choices for boys and even fewer that were under $30.  I don't mind spending that once he will really use it but to just bring notes to & from school, that's a little much.  But we settled on one and are done!

 We had to wait nearly 2 weeks for his official first day of school due to early outs for heat.  This was one of those side-effects to being in the afternoon class that never occurred to us!  But once we finally had our first day, the four of us made it.  Daddy walked him in, with Wee Two and I letting them have their space.  Sometimes I am thankful for the distraction she provides for me.  She decided to unload in her diaper while we were their so there was no lingering parents for him!  He did good, no hesitation or drama.  I pretty much expected that from him.

Wee One ready to go and Wee Two thinking she was staying too!

Someone got ice cream for not throwing a fit about leaving Brother at School.
 But let me tell you I was a wreck by the time the bus arrived at the end of the drive!  I was about to take a chainsaw to the neighbor's trees so that I could see just a bit farther down the road, as though that would bring him home sooner!  He was all smiles when the bus arrived and we had to go through his back pack in the yard.

Day of Discovery

In honor of Columbus Day, the kids and I did a little discovery of our own yard.  It was a sunny, breezy morning so what better way to burn some energy than a walk around the yard. (which is 3 acres by the way!)  We make construction paper books that we titled and dated.  Then we grabbed some pumpkin buckets, since they are out for the holiday soon, and headed outside.  We had made some binoculars with some toilet paper rolls and were ready for adventure!

My Wee's showing off their Discovery Books.

Wee Two's binoculars and caterpillar.
 It didn't take any prompting for the kids to use their binoculars to start exploring the yard around them.  I think Jake and the Neverland Pirates might have helped with that.  And possibly a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It never stops amazing me the things they know, without having been taught.

Wee One spotted a Tractor and Wagon down the road.  Pure happiness for him!

 We brought their finds inside, yes even the caterpillars!  They picked out one thing at a time to draw in their books.  We started with the moving things so they could be returned outside before they got away!  They picked their own colors and were not prompted on "how" to draw what they saw.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mo turns two

We have officially made it two years with a daughter.  She is sassy, funny, compassionate and goofy.  She loves dress up, baseball, slides and cats.  Her birthday party was hot!  But we made it through, quickly nonetheless!  Here are the highlights from her party.

Her birthday cake. Dora & Diego were top heavy, so they were in knee-deep!

Her personal cake.

This is her Cheese face now!  But we did figure out if you asked her to say Happy Birthday instead, she would keep her eyes open!

Mo & big brother B. 
 Mo with her PiƱata that we made.  Well we made it strong enough but not too strong!  We went through seven kids and two bats but we got it open!
Family picture before all the sugar, toys and craziness!

We got a chance to hold new baby cousin Jackson before he left.  She loves him very much already!

And so does Ben!

Her party was Saturday, but her birthday was Sunday.  Daddy had to go back to work so we just hung out at home.  We played on the slip-n-slide, had some ice cream outside, played on the hay bales, then a visit to Papa & Grandma's since they missed the party.  All in all, a good day to turn two.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Picture History

As stressed as I have been these last few years and with as much that has been happening in our lives, I know I'm going to forget things.  Things that I thought I wouldn't forget because they were so memorable or important at the time.  And I know I'm going to forget the little things too.  What seems important and priceless now, is tomorrows forgotten thought.

There are a few ways that I am trying to overcome this.  I have started a notebook for each of my kids to write milestones, funny things they said or did and anything else I think would be fun to share with their significant others later in life.  But I am also trying to take lots of pictures. 

Ideally, I would like to get them all organized with notations to the date, location, people in the picture, etc.  But that is a long way from where I am now.  I figure I will have the pictures, then organize them when the kids go off to school.  I will be  like a freed woman then! 

This makes me think, what should I take more pictures of?  What am I taking pictures of now?  Am I in any pictures or am I just taking them all?  Who do I not have pictures of the kids with that I will regret once they are gone? 

I am by no means a photographer but I am in charge of the memories I make and share with my family.  So I feel compelled to improve my attention to this project.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alternative Grocery Shoping- Experience 1

I don't like getting groceries on the weekend.  Our days are all the same so I try to avoid going when other "have to" go.  I would much prefer a Tuesday morning to a Saturday anytime.  But with that being said, I decided to take my first adventure in alternative grocery shopping at 1 pm on Saturday, of Father's Day weekend.  But we went anyway, despite it raining on us when we left. 

This experience was to Fareway.  I have never tried it but the commercials seem fair and after some discussion with my Mommy group on Facebook it seemed worth a try.  I didn't, however, get to check out the meat counter everyone talked about.  You could tell it was Father's Day weekend there.  But I was pleased with the produce, frozen food, milk price and cat food.  I wouldn't say that this trip was a big savings to my normal shopping but it was also fairly impromptu. 

But there was wonderful customer service.  This is huge in my book.  I would pay extra to be acknowledged, greeted and told Thank You.  This is additionally important to me when I have my children to tow.  I can tell them to use manners all I want but seeing someone else use them towards us it worth much more.  An added bonus was having my groceries loaded into my car while I loaded the kids up.  No locking them in the car while I run the cart back. 

I am also interested in the App and the sales flyers.  I think with minimal effort, it would be a money saving trip for common purchases.  The store was much larger than I had expected.  But the signage was clear and every employee I passed was helpful and friendly.  I wager to think that if we return during the week, we would still be please and be able to shop more thoroughly. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Pinterest Addiction

I don't know how long I have been on Pinterest.  All I know is that I am addicted.  I have it bookmarked on my laptop and the app on my phone.  And I use it nearly every day.  I use it like a google search.  If I want to make something or have a certain food item to get used up before it goes bad, Pinterest is where I turn.  And rarely am I disappointed. 

I have used Pinterest for our bathroom remodel, for Christmas ideas, for the kids' birthday parties, tons of recipe ideas and craft projects.  I have also used Pinterest to help organize our growingly chaotic household, plan for future milestones for the kids and dream away the way women once did with Better Homes and Garden magazine. 

One thing that may be different than some people the "use" Pinterest, I rarely use it as a step by step guide.  It is nearly always used as an inspirational starting point for me.  Sometimes because I don't have all the items they used on hand and have a sleeping child.  Sometimes because we don't eat a certain ingredient used.  Sometimes because I'm just not that patient or lavish.

Some of my favorite pins include:

DIY Pinata that I just did for my daughter's birthday.

Rolo Ritz that I did this spring

And a redo for the kids' table

But as much as I like Pinterest, there have been fails, disappointments and junk.  But there is rarely anything that escapes that.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ready for school

My oldest starts pre-school this August.  I am very happy for him and know he will enjoy it.  But I know it will be difficult to know some of the things he is doing and eating.  Knowing that the snacks that are to be provided by the parents are out of my control and that the only drink option is juice is difficult for me.  We very rarely have juice at our house.  Yes, they get it EVERY time they go to a Papa's house but they don't get it every day.  My son gets a little 'loose' on sugar.  You can tell about 30 minutes after he has had a treat.  Very loud, very busy and then mean and grouchy.  I am hoping this will not be our afternoons during the week. 

But I am excited about him being with non-family people.  We are surrounded by a lot of family and he doesn't really get to play with other kids.  I am certain he will do just fine.  Both of my kids are very social.  I am a little concerned about the bus ride home but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  My only fears about being around other kids are picking up bad language/behavior and his total lack of fear.

He does have some aggression towards me when he is tired and doesn't want to follow the rules.  I am hoping this will not carry over to his teacher but I know that they are generally prepared for this behavior in three year olds.  The idea that I will have no view of him for several hours each day is going to be a shock for my system.  In both a good way and a bad way.  I have been so overwhelmed with being in charge of him, his safety and his development that I am hesitant to share the responsibility.  I know it will be better for both of us as well as his younger sister but that step is a big one.

I know he will be a happier child, his sister will be more balanced getting one-on-one time, and I will be a happier mother.  I am excited for the craft projects, the school parties and the field trips. 

I also found this adorable idea (back to school coffee) on Pinterest that would be a fun way to meet some the parents.  Not being from this area I was very surprised to know four kids in his class.